Inspiring young girls

Educated girls make their own decisions and have greater confidence and freedom to make decision .

Menopause Management

We are committed to supporting and education women on all menopausal challenges and end the stigma of menopause.

Empowering Women

Every woman has a smart choice to fitness with aim to reduce on arthritis, heart disease and diabetes to increase their productivity at work.

Women’s Health Trainings

Education and empowerment of women increases their education and information towards their health status through every stage of their lives.

Celebrating a Healthy Woman

Every woman has a right to good health through regular medical checkups.


About Us

We are dedicated to promoting good health and creating awareness in schools through sexual health talks to empower the Girl Child, Women Wellness, Community Support and Menopause.

What We Do

Girl's Voice

Smart Women


Womens Wellness Community Clinics

Your Support

When you give, you help give a second hope to those who have lost hope of going back to school. Your donations help single mothers, widows and studying girls in our community to receive nutritional care , counseling and health services. Many women find dignity in opportunities for savings and training.

Achivements And Success

We can influence decisions that affect their lives want a world in which everyone can speak up to power, claim their human rights, and build a better future for themselves. 

Join Us

WHF fancy Uganda’s free of extreme inequality and injustice; a society where citizens and particularly women across all age groups claim and exercise their rights and responsibilities and can influence decisions that affect their lives.

This is through addressing a number of health issues because we believe that life is not opportunity or privilege, but a right for everyone.


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Women’s Health Foundation Uganda (WHF) was founded in October 2013 and officially registered as a National NGO under the NGO statute CAP.113 in December 2014 with registration number Reg:INDR115052596NB. File Number: MIA/NB/2014/12/2596. Women’s Health Foundation Uganda supports and advocates for Women’s Health in Uganda.

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