Currently, in Uganda, there is very little in the way of patient or public education about many health challenges faced by women. This type of information is crucial to improving the older women’s health and quality of life. An estimated 45% of older women aged 50 – 59, 31% of those aged 60 – 69 years and 11% of those aged 70 – 79 years still enjoy sex with their partners.

The Walk for a Healthy Woman is an annual women’s health advocacy event that brings Ugandan and non-Ugandan communities living in Uganda together to foster health promotion for women as a vulnerable group. The program is also aimed at increasing awareness on the sexual challenges women go through both in their pre and post reproductive lives.

The First Walk for a Healthy Woman

On March 2017 the theme of the first Walk for a Healthy Woman was “Celebrating a Healthy Woman”

Mrs. Maggie Kigozi who was the Executive Director of Uganda Investment Authority (U.I.A) was the chief walker led WHF together with other women activities to a 2.5 km walk.

The Second Walk for a Healthy Woman

On March 2018 the theme of the second Walk for a Healthy Woman was “Fitness is a Smart Choice to Life” .

Hon Maria Matembe a known Women Activist was the chief walker led WHF together with other women activities to a 7.5 km walk.

The Third Walk for a Healthy Woman

On March 2018 the theme of the third Walk for a Healthy Woman was “Menopause. Unprioritized Challenge in Women’s Health in Uganda”.

The chief walker was Hon Betty Kamya the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development led WHF together with other women activities to a 2.2 km walk.

Launching of the Menopause Society Club

Key target beneficiary

• Primary target: Middle aged women 45-55 years of age
• Secondary targets: Women 20 years and above, Husbands of menopausal women and other adult males in close relationships with menopausal women, Law makers and health professionals in direct contact with menopausal women that require specialised menopausal medical attention.

The Society Club was initiated to help with
• Increased awareness about the challenges women go through in their post reproductive lives especially during the transition to and the post-menopausal period when they can no longer undergo menstruation.
• Improved attitude of middle aged and older women towards menopause which influences their experience and how they view themselves in midlife.
• Increased health seeking behavior for the menopausal women whose conditions require specialized medical attention. • To enhance activities of the WHF Menopause Club and set up a menopause counseling center at Women’s Health Foundation Offices.
• Improved relations between men and women due to increased knowledge on challenges women go undergo during menopause.
• Increased male support for older menopausal women in the country.

Walk with us and support Women's Health Foundation in its efforts to end the health challenges faced by Women and Girls in Uganda. To support our walks or be part of walks contact us at

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