Women's Health Foundation (WHF) has got 4 programs that are currently operating in Uganda.

Women's Wellness Community Clinics

 Through our moving community clinics, our beneficiaries with bone related issues, neurological conditions such as stroke, women with disabilities, non-communicable diseases and musculoskeletal conditions are directly reached with treatment, lectures on women’s health as well as exercises within their communities.


Menopausal women are affected with Osteoporosis (shrinking of bones), impingement of nerves, fractures, disability, pain and later it leads to death. Menopause is a women’s wellness program that tackles the challenges of ageing women through education, advocacy and treatment.

Girl's Voice

This is a girl-centered program designed to inspire and empower youth to eliminate teenage pregnancies, early marriages and improve their menstrual hygiene as well as Sexual Reproductive Health thereby speaking out on their issues.

Smart Women

The Smart Women program is an entrepreneurship initiative that targets young mothers (18 – 35 years) and women (35+ years) to acquire skills for self-sustainability.

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