The Smart Women program is an entrepreneurship initiative that targets young mothers (18 - 35 years) and women (35+ years) to acquire skills for self-sustainability.

We are focused on engaging girls and women in making unique products from available resources to bring out their creativity.

Our GrandMa open markets are managed by the women to enable them sale their products to support their grandchildren.

Nutrition classes are provided to the women during the weekly fitness classes that in return reduce on the menopausal challenges. We are designing a WHF Mobile Application with online educative and sensitization videos, online fitness classes as well as nutritional products to improve the wellbeing of women.

To reduce on the depression of older women, we organize a Women’s Festival for them to meet, greet and network as well as sale their products with introduction of GrandMa recipes in the different fields.

We aim at empowering girls and women to eliminate the different challenges within their communities.


•Entrepreneurship Skills trainings

•GrandMa Open Markets

•Women’s Gym / Fitness Classes

•Women’s Festival

•WHF Mobile App / Online Classes

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