Menopause and Sexual Reproductive Health of older women is critical to geriatric and family healthcare, particularly with respect to HIV/AIDS. An estimated 45% of older women aged 50 - 59, 31% of those aged 60 - 69 years and 11% of those aged 70 - 79 years still enjoy sex with their partners.

Sexually active women are vulnerable to HIV transmission due to vaginal dryness and are not using condoms for birth control.

Health professionals should be aware of these and other menopause-related risks so that they can facilitate informed decision-making about effective modes of prevention and interventions.

Menopausal women are affected with Osteoporosis (shrinking of bones), impingement of nerves, fractures, disability, pain and later it leads to death. Menopause is a women’s wellness program that tackles the challenges of ageing women through education, advocacy and treatment.

We promote active ageing for women while addressing Sexual Health, Bone Health, Neurological conditions, Heart Health, Breast Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Stroke, Physical fitness, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental wellness.

Our dialogues among the affected girls and women increases information sharing, networking, mentorship and brings out new women’s health challenges that require redress.

Our Goal: To raise awareness on women’s health issues to eliminate depression, anxiety and stigmatization.


• Menopause at the workplace (workshops)

• Hormonal Replacement Therapy

• Hormonal Replacement Therapy

• Menopausal Café

The program provides medical services to menopausal women, pre and post Natal care and postpartum. We also support ageing women in pelvic muscle strengthening exercises to overcome urine incontinence issues, prolapsed cervix, post-partum depression, post-natal nutrition education, back stretching exercises, proper and safe breastfeeding practices and maintenance of personal hygiene.

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