Women’s Health Foundation Uganda (WHF) was founded in October 2013 and officially registered as a National NGO under the NGO statute CAP.113 in December 2014 with registration number Reg:INDR115052596NB. File Number: MIA/NB/2014/12/2596. Women's Health Foundation Uganda supports and advocates for Women’s Health in Uganda.

Women’s Health Foundation Uganda was founded by Ms. Irene Ndagire, the Executive Director, having had experience in the challenges women went through in their life cycle while working as a Physiotherapist at Kampala International Hospital which inspired her to come up with an initiative that would give women information and make them proactive in seeking to live healthier lives. WHF has a belief that “Women have a Fundamental Right to Live without Shame or Limitations.

The organization runs alongside Sonia Physiotherapy Clinic as semi-independent entities. Sonia Physiotherapy Clinic was established by the Executive Director, as a mutual benefit project that co-supports WHF in her work of advocating for better health for women. WHF is hinged on community based structures and individuals such as the Local and Religious Leadership, Community Based Volunteers and Community Health Workers.

Core Values


We commit ourselves to upholding the moral principles of honesty, trust and honor.


We affirm the ethical responsibility to be good stewards of the resources and community assets entrusted to us.


Ethical, Competent, Honest and Hardworking Empowerment of women through information and skills on women’s health issues.


Women's Health Foundation primary targets are the women and girls who are often marginalized in health and health related needs. We serve women in categories of young mothers, school dropouts, single mothers, sex workers, widows and Adolescent Girls. We also value Male involvement in the service and facilitation of the service of women as a secondary target group.


Women's Health Foundation Uganda operates as a national organization striving to advocate for better health for Women and Girls.

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