Women’s Health Foundation (WHF) was founded by Ms. Irene Ndagire, the Executive Director, having had experience in the challenges women went through in their life cycle while working as a Physiotherapist at Kampala International Hospital which inspired her to come up with an initiative that would give women information and make them proactive in seeking to live healthier lives. WHF has a belief that “Women have a Fundamental Right to Live without Shame or Limitations”.

We officially started our work in October 2013 and registered as a National NGO under the NGO statute CAP.113 in December 2014 with registration number: INDR115052596NB and file number: MIA/NB/2014/12/2596. WHF activities are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 3 of Ensuring Healthy Lives and promoting wellbeing for all at all ages.

Women’s Health Foundation rides on the support of its stakeholders and employs a holistic bottom-up approach to programming and activity implementation. Our choice to prioritize women’s health is a noble cause worth supporting and our mission of “Celebrating a Healthy Woman” is a divine mission that requires the will and commitment of not only Uganda as a nation but the entire global concern of everybody that cares about the woman as the root of life. WHF has done a tremendous job of assisting old women who can’t afford Physiotherapy services. WHF works with Sonia Physiotherapy a sport, spinal, and orthopaedic rehabilitation practice. With the aim to treat the cause of the patient's problem and not only the symptoms concerned.

Patients are given the "tools" and means to re-gain their pre-injury and functional status as well as to maintain and make long-term improvements. Sonia has got a team of professionals with extensive experience in the treatment and management of chronic pain and spinal injuries. And one of their goals is to help patients manage pain, restore optimal function and improve their quality of life.

Hamidah Najjuko the administrator of Sonia Physiotherapy is a professional radiographer with over ten years of experience in the health care industry and expertise in X-rays and ultrasound operations. She holds a bachelors of Science in radiology and her expertise lie in X-ray image processing and reading, Flouroscopic operations, Ultrasounds, MRI and Knowledge of standard hospital safety procedures. She has a keen interest in using both manual therapy as well as the rehabilitation in order to treat each patient holistically.

It is our call for the unwavering support of every one that can come to the realization of our vision for the benefit of women.



We commit ourselves to upholding the moral principles of honesty, trust and honor.


We affirm the ethical responsibility to be good stewards of the resources and community assets entrusted to us.


Ethical, Competent, Honest and Hardworking Empowerment of women through information and skills on women’s health issues.


Women's Health Foundation primary targets are the women and girls who are often marginalized in health and health related needs. We serve women in categories of young mothers, school dropouts, single mothers, sex workers, widows and Adolescent Girls. We also value Male involvement in the service and facilitation of the service of women as a secondary target group.


Women's Health Foundation Uganda operates as a national organization striving to advocate for better health for Women and Girls.

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