For Women or Girls like these leaving in slums,every day is a battle for simple survival. That’s why with your generous support, Women's Health Foundation workers are with them on the frontlines. Every day, they’re delivering lifesaving aid, protection and education opportunities helping to ensure that children enjoy the childhood they deserve, wherever they are. Your gift positively impacts children in need, both now and in the future.

Your donation can change lives of these people, WHF is working every day to end poverty. But we can’t do it without you. You can help us to saves lives during a get sanitary pads,access various health services in remote areas, send children, especially girls to school and stand up for the rights of women. Making a donation to WHF today could change a life forever!

How WHF is changing lives and giving hope around the country.

Teaching health education our children is an essential tool used in the development for our children lives, as it provides an introduction to the human body and to factors that prevent illness and promote or damage health. As a child, I always remember my mother teaching me to wash my hands after going to the bathroom and to use the paper towel to grab the door handle on the way out, but I never truly understood WHY until later on in life once I stated getting sick. Learning the consequences for my actions is a great way to get the information to stick as a child, but our aim should be to prevent illness and not to remedy it.

Many women have been slow to recognize the menopause as an issue and that those going through the menopause might need additional consideration or adjustments. In many cases the menopause is still not recognised as a health issue by many people in the community. Consequently, many women feel they have to hide their symptoms or only talk about them in a humorous way. This means many are unable to access the adjustments they need. In some cases women report feeling forced to leave under fear due to a lack of support.thank you for letting them speak out .

Because of your Donations WHF play a role in availing several health care services, disease prevention, treatment and care. These community activities help in the strengthening and promote the development of informed, capable and coordinated communities and community-based, groups and structures. It involves a broad range of community actors and enables them to contribute to the long-term sustainability of health and other interventions at the community level, including an enabling and responsive environment in which these contributions can be effective.

There is immense pressure on many young girls to get married early and if they do, most of them drop out of school. Many are child mothers, which is a big barrier in itself. And then there is the emotional abuse: girls are told they are not as good as boys, sometimes by their teachers or their own parents. In the end, this affects their performance and attendance, and the girls shy away completely. But because of your donations this girl has been given a second chance to go to school.

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