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Sexual Reproductive Health

Welcome to SRH!


We offer a range of services including: training programs for trainer of trainees (TOT), school outreach programs, church outreach programs, community workshops that involve education programs on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), personal hygiene, unsafe abortion, and prevention programs. We invite you to contact us to learn about what we offer at WHF to work to create a healthy community.
This program is spear geared by a Physiotherapist and her team.

Our mission:

SRH is committed to serving community with education programs on personal hygiene, STDs, HIV awareness, Male involvement in women’s health aiming at improving their quality of life.
This program runs under a project called Smart Young People (SYP).
We aim at sensitizing young people/youths (girls and boys) and men on maternal health issues. Through a combination of education, training, policy development, advocacy. We also bring on board expertise and broader community, we serve as a critical voice in changing prevailing beliefs and attitudes about exercise and nutrition.

STDs Education services:

Our staff train young people on different sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, urinary tract infections, contraception, and unsafe abortion. We also help schools and youth community based organizations on HIV policy making at their workplace.
-We also advise youths on using friendly services in case of STDs and refer them to the nearby healthy center for treatment.
-We sensitize the community leaders, parents and teachers about the STDs.
-We also reach out to churches and mosques so that the youths are leaving healthy lives.

Personal hygiene education:

This program focusses youths/young people about their personal hygiene such as body cleanness, anatomy and physiology at puberty stage such menstruation, wet dreams for girls and boys respectively, usage of sanitary pads etc.

Volunteer Opportunities

The volunteers available at SRH vary depending on the opportunity you are seeking. Examples include; reaching out to schools, churches and mosques, advocating for SRH for young people, mobilization when needed and, advertising program and help during community outreach programs.