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Manual Handling

Manual Handling concerns itself with work place based activities, occupational, health and safety training (OHSTs) in respect of its health and safety implications for employees and other users in the working environment. In Uganda, manual handling in the workplace is subject to legislation under – The Occupational Health and Safety Work Act of 2006. Women’s Health Foundation embarked on the Manual Handling Project to increase the awareness of manual handling in the workplace and raise the importance of having the necessary training and policies in place in order to meet the necessary legal requirements and reduce sickness and absentee costs experienced by employers.

The objectives of this program are;

  • To explain the legal requirements and the duties of the employer and the employee
  • To explain to employers the risks associated with poor manual handling practices like sitting for long hours
  • To explain and demonstrate safe lifting techniques
  • To make employers and employees aware of the relevant personal protective equipment requirements at the work place
  • To assist and guide employers in producing a written statement of policy with workplace
  • To train community members in Lifting, pushing and pulling practices that prevent the damaging of their spines


  • Hold Sessions to sensitize the public on the effects of sitting for long hours
  • Sensitization workshops for organizations and companies on proper sitting postures and how to avoid back straining sitting postures
  • Holding Sessions for pre and post natal mothers to make them physically fit
  • Community visits to train mothers in breast feeding
  • Participation in the World Breast feeding week