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Male Involvement in Maternal Health

At Women’s Health Foundation, we value male involvement as a necessary ingredient in advocating for better health for women in Uganda. We involve men in all our programming right from planning through implementation to completion. This is because women focused programs performing better if they are supported by men. Under this program, we carry out the following activities;


  1. Educate and sensitize men to respect their women
  2. Sessions for young men and boys to become more responsive to women when in need
  3. Sessions to enhance men’s involvement in breast feeding


  1. To engage men in discussions that bring about the realization for the respect of women’s rights
  2. To reiterate the need for men to fulfill their responsibilities to women
  3. To tame men’s behavior that often leads to domestic violence
  4. To increase men’s involvement in women’s lives before and after giving birth.


  1. Men( husbands, fathers, brothers and boys)
  2. Girls and Women

Time Frame: 2016- 2019

Geographical Area:- Uganda