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Male involvement in Maternal Health

Male Involvement Project (MIP) was launched in May 2016 with an aim to engage men in women’s health issues mainly maternal health and post reproductive health and wellbeing of a girl child and women. Women face many problems in reproductive stages such as poor choice of contraception methods, HIV, bone health problems, heart health issues.
The project supports girls to stay in school, avoid teenage pregnancy, HIV awareness, and through sexual reproductive health education the program engage young boys /students, fathers and uncles to be supportive to the girl child.
The project supports pregnant women through sensitizing the advantage of men being involved in maternal health
such as antenatal checkups, HIV testing, complications that come with pregnancy.
The project educates men the advantage of ageing with their wives, sons and brothers to have compassion to this
woman as she transits into menopause phase of life. We encourage them to support them financially, socially,
emotional and physically.
To achieve a ‘healthy woman in different phases of life,’ Women’s Health Foundation has engaged boys, brothers,
fathers and husbands to be supportive to this woman.

1. Antenatal care: regular checkups, antenatal Physiotherapy (postures, low back care information, pelvic floor
exercises, general fitness exercises).
2. Nutrition advise
3. Depression advise/counselling
4. Women’s health issues
5. Postnatal care: Immunization, exercises, helping with the baby

1. Men( husbands, fathers, brothers and boys)
2. Girls and Women
Time Frame: 2016- 2019

Geographical Area:-
Uganda:- Mbarara, Kampala, Wakiso, Buikwe, Kayunga and Northern Uganda.