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A Healthy Mama Outstanding Menopause Project

Healthy Mama Program (HMP) is a women health awareness project where we aim at raising awareness on Women’s Health Issues most especially through education, and advocacy with
provision of medical services to women facing various health  challenges in pre and Post Natal care, Menopause and postpartum.

HMP addresses women’s menopausal challenges such as Sexual health, Bone health, Neurological conditions, Heart health, Breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, Stroke, Physical fitness, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental wellness.

The program began 3 years ago and still continues to take root in different communities of WHF’s project area because of the increasing unique women’s health challenges that require redress.

-To train mothers in pre and Post Natal care
-To sensitize women on Menopausal challenges and how to overcome them
-To help mothers overcome postpartum challenges

Project Scope   
1. Bone health
2. Heart health
3. Obesity
4. General fitness exercises
5. Manual handling trainings
6. Non communicable diseases such as stroke, cancers, respiratory diseases, diabetes, hypertension etc
7. Gynecological and Obstetrics issues such as urine incontinence, pelvic anatomy and pelvic floor muscle information, urgency to urinate, prolapsed uterus, vagina and cervix.
Time Frame: 2014-2019.

Project Beneficiaries:

  1. Mothers requiring Pre and Postnatal Care
  2. Early menopausal women aged 30-49 years
  3. Post-menopausal women aged above 51 years.

Geographical Area:-
The project was first implemented in Mukono, Jinja, Luwero, Kampala and Wakiso districts as a pilot but will spread to the rest of the country as more funds to support the project are realized by WHF.